Welcome! I’m glad to meet you.

My name is Rebecca Weber.

I rejoice in walking with my Redeemer and His ransomed ones along the lane of life, excited for the sight around the next bend, always straining toward glimpses of light.

I live with my parents and colorful siblings in the shadow of the North Mountain in Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley.

My dreaming and scheming are currently channeled into poetry, teaching special ed, friendships, prose, and photography. Some of the things I care about are conversations, connections, cooking, creativity, culture, God’s creation, communication, and community. I love spending time with people and songs and words, but most of of all with my Redeemer who has called me out of darkness.

His Light is eternally stronger than any darkness in this world. Won’t you join me in journeying into His marvelous light?

My beloved family